Communication is everything. . .

Wow, we’ve gotten so busy lately that i nearly forgot I said last blog that I wanted to talk about what Tinker and Art do in relation to design, Design – with a capital ‘D’.

Those of you who know me, know, that at about this time of year, I would usually be gushing to everyone who would listen about my experience at AGIdeas.

AGIdeas is a design fest, design feast, conference, forum call it what you will, but I see it as an adventure holiday for my ‘design’ mind.

I go there to be challenged, but also to be inspired, renewed, reinvigorated, reconnected, to spend anonymous time with other people in whose world design really matters. (OK, design matters in everybody’s world) Funny thing is, majority of the audience are students – design students. Oh, they carry a lot of passion, but that’s what being a student is all about. Mature age or a total freshie straight out of year 12 or year10, they’re lives are devoted to design. But what happens when you graduate – get your BA, certificate, then move back into the real world? Does design still MATTER? To me, yes. It does. Design is communication, communication towards a better world.

To celebrate our lives, we need the means to communicate what we feel about what matters to us. To wear what matters to you, close to your heart – I’m so proud that we can make that happen for people!

OMG, should spend less time talking & more time making – SOOOOO much work to do!


Another JinkyArt Gift

JinkyArt has been using Tinker&Art to gift her clients, and we are starting to send off quite a few. This is just one that is about to arrive in the mailbox.

Well how gorgeous!!

One of our talented clients, the amazing photographer, Kelly Munce, recently facebooked photographs of her opening her Tinker & Art necklace made from one of her wonderful photographs.

We just love the magic that happened and couldn’t wait to share both Kelly and her necklace with you.

About to hit the mailbox

Yes, its true, we have been super busy.

Lots to share

Well we have been so very busy, we are about to share lots of pics.

However firstly our long awaited packaging!! The perfect gift! =) Well we think so anyway!

Wow! Things are really getting goin’!!

Wow, wow and WOW! I’ve been so busy in the studio, and feeling so connected with everyone through the pieces I’m making, I’m forgetting to connect online OOPS!– what’s sparked me up right now, is the responses we are getting from all of the first Tinker and Art custom pieces arriving HOME! Thank you to all our first customers! You are all the start of what is proving to be an amazing thing. I’ve been absolutely gushing to everyone. Thanks for all your responses, online, fb or direct face to face – sooo uplifting.

It’s so, so, amazing to receive an image from an inspirational photographer, then conceptualise it as a silhouette image, taking into account the emotional and aesthetic significance, and transform those elements into something precious and wearable. It’s so wonderful for me when people notice the tiny details.

As a designer, I really want to talk about Tinker and Art in relation to capital ‘D’ Design, and will do so SOON, but first, I really have to applaud our team. . .

Heaps of people have been commenting on what a team Barb and I are – I just want to take the opportunity to thank Barb for our partnership – this whole lovely thing started with me making her a li’l piece from one of her images with her beautiful daughter Talia as the subject, and it kinda just went from there. I can honestly say, there would be no one else that I could have started on this journey with, she is just so nurturing – VERY strong minded, but nurturing !! Luv Ya, B!!

Rest tonight, then STUDIO!! (I know it’s Saturday tomorrow, but no sailing, so STUUUUDIOO!!)

Finishing Pieces

Oh My Goodness – didn’t realise I’d feel as wowed as I do about this, but I’m just finishing our very first Tinker and Art pieces and my goodness gracious, I’m elated. Photos sooooon! I have to check with everyone if it’s OK. I’m just so excited about all of these – so much emotion is in some of these images, and to translate them is a challenge but also a real pleasure.

It’s a challenge on both an aesthetic but also an emotional level. Jewellery is so symbolic – I’m really feeling emotionally, not just aesthetically things like how placement of elements affects the whole piece – leaving too much or too little space between people, making one element bigger or smaller means so much.

Can’t wait to start getting some images of my finished work out there for all to see. Thank you so much for all your comments, and hoping more wonderful (and challenging) images will keep piling in!

Back to the studio for me – I’ve got a lotta work to do – lucky I love it :)

Happy Easter All!

Wow, it’s the Easter Holiday, and I’m feeling so very guilty about actually having a holiday! (Up to the mountains for a night).

There’s just SOOOO much to do in the studio – I’m so looking forward to getting back, finishing off the first pieces & getting some pics of them out there. There are so many to come – including (how awesome is this), a piece which includes bringing a mum’s long missed puppy dog into a gorgeous pic of her two young sons.

The van is packed, bike’s in the back! My studio will be waiting my return to get back to all your inspiring pics. . .

Happy Easter All may you all be indulged with family, friends and chocolate.

Challenging but soooo rewarding

Just taking a break from the bench phew! – just looking at all the “To Be Made” labels in our inbox is exciting and daunting. What a fantastic response. So far we’ve met all the ‘challenges’ that have come through, so what we’re going to do is change things around a little. . .

From now, you can simply email us your shoot, photos (or, at a pinch, photo) and we will give you a yes or a no on them as to whether we can transform them into gorgeous, unique, wearable tokens of your loved ones. You can then submit in our desired resolution and purchase.

We really are having such a ball doing this! Can’t wait to see what pops into the inbox next. . . Dealing with these amazing photos is like having a window into other lives. I’m starting to create my own little stories with the characters and situations I’m working with in the photos. Who they are, what are they thinking in that captured moment. I’ll sure never be lonely in the studio.

Wow what a response!

15 April 2011
Wow, can’t believe how much so incredibly positive feedback we’re getting! I’m now in the studio head down bum up makin stuff for so many wonderful inspiring people!! Every piece is a story.
The response has been amazing – to think it all started with that lovely pic of Talia with the hearts. I just wanted to give Barb a token of how much her photography moves and inspires. That pic just summed Talia up – cheeky, loving and beautiful. Thanks everyone for all your great comments.
Cee from the Studio

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